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Carolina Covenant

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

About the Covenant

The Carolina Covenant is UNC-Chapel Hill’s promise to youth from low-income families that, if they are admitted to Carolina and are eligible for the program, they can graduate with a baccalaureate degree debt-free.

The Covenant makes it clear that students from all economic backgrounds are welcome at Carolina. Low-income students who are eligible for the Covenant do not have to worry about how they will pay for college or that they will have to go into debt to attend. They can count on it.

The Covenant is much more than a financial aid program. It includes Carolina’s commitment to supporting the success of Covenant Scholars, from start to finish.


To be eligible for the Carolina Covenant, a student must:

Students from any state will be considered. See more information about eligibility.


Students do not have to apply for the Carolina Covenant. Consideration is automatic once a student is admitted to Carolina and has completed an application for financial aid.

Designation and Continuing Eligibility

Covenant status is established when a student is admitted to Carolina as a freshman or transfer student. There is no limit on the number of Covenant Scholars – all eligible students are included in the program.

Covenant Scholars who remain eligible will receive a no-loans financial aid award for study during fall and spring semesters until they have completed the requirements for a first baccalaureate degree, up to a maximum of eight semesters. (The maximum number of semesters is prorated for transfer students.)

Covenant funding can only be used for undergraduate coursework. Enrolling in professional programs, like the PharmD program, will affect eligibility for Covenant financial aid funding. Graduate and professional students are not eligible for undergraduate scholarship programs.