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Carolina Covenant

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Academic and Personal Support

The Carolina Covenant begins with an exceptional financial aid award, but it does not end there. The Covenant also incorporates academic and personal support services and special programming to help Scholars adapt to campus life and reach their educational goals.

The program is designed to help Scholars make the most of their Carolina experience. It includes individual advising, mentoring, workshops, social activities, alumni connections, and more.

Following are some of the many academic and personal support services and special programming opportunities in which Covenant Scholars may elect to participate.

In addition to workshops, programs, and activities, faculty and staff work individually with Scholars as needed to ensure their academic success.

Each Scholar’s academic progress is monitored by the academic coordinators for the Carolina Covenant. They work individually with Scholars who appear to need help getting back on track and those with specific academic or learning-related issues. They also work directly with others on campus and in the community to get Scholars the help they need to address specific academic needs.