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Carolina Covenant

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Achieve Carolina


Achieve Carolina offers an array of academic and personal support services to help students get the most out of Carolina. From faculty & staff mentors to special social events, Achieve Scholars are offered a range of specialized resources to smooth the transition to college and ensure success at Carolina.

Achieve Scholars receive the best available financial aid package, based on family income and eligibility. This generally includes significant grant and scholarship aid, along with a modest amount of loans. Each student’s financial aid will vary, depending on individual circumstances.


Achieve Carolina Scholars will be notified by email after their financial aid offer has been finalized. This generally happens a few weeks before classes start at Carolina.

Students are offered access to Achieve Carolina on the basis of their financial aid eligibility. It is a voluntary program; students may participate in as much or as little Achieve Carolina programming as they wish.

We strongly encourage Achieve Scholars to take advantage of the specialized programming offered. Our experience shows that students who engage with the mentoring program, take advantage of artistic and cultural events, and attend specialty workshops are more likely to succeed at Carolina.

What’s the difference between Achieve Carolina and the Carolina Covenant?

Eligibility for each program is based on a student’s financial circumstances, so there are modest difference in the kind of financial aid offered. Covenant Scholars generally have a no-loans financial aid package; Achieve Scholars most often have a modest amount of loans. This is due to differences in the financial circumstances for each cohort of students.

Both programs offer the same kind of mentoring, specialized programming, and access to artistic and cultural events across campus. Achieve and Covenant Scholars will attend many of the same events throughout the year.


If you have questions about Achieve Carolina, feel free to reach out to our dedicated staff. They’re here to offer guidance and support.

Brian Hogan
Faculty Academic Coordinator
321 Pettigrew Hall  |  919.962.3413