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Carolina Covenant

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Getting Started

Applying for the Covenant

There is no separate application for the Covenant.

All you need to do is: 1.) Apply to Carolina; 2.) Apply for Financial Aid.  That’s it.

You will automatically be considered for the Covenant.  Students who qualify will receive a notification from the Director of Scholarships and Student Aid about their Covenant designation and special award.  Read more…


The Carolina Covenant is for students from low-income families who do not have assets or other resources to help pay for college. To be considered for a Covenant award, a student must be dependent on his/her parents and meet academic, income, and financial need criteria. Read more…

Covenant Financial Aid

Students who are eligible for the Carolina Covenant are awarded financial aid that meets 100 percent of their financial need without loans. So Covenant Scholars can enroll at Carolina with confidence that they can afford to attend and that they can graduate without student debt.

Services and Programs that Help Scholars Succeed

Faculty and staff throughout the University are committed to helping ensure that Covenant Scholars have every opportunity to succeed. Covenant Scholars have demonstrated academic achievement. Like other students, they may experience challenges in adapting to a University setting and college life. Carolina’s services for Scholars include a Learning Center, a Writing Center, tutoring in subjects such as math and chemistry, and financial seminars for students. Plus, a group of faculty and staff volunteer as mentors to help Scholars, particularly during their first year in a new academic and social environment. Students also have access to academic and other student services support organizations, programs, and assistance. Read more…

Finding people on campus who can help

Scholars need to find their way around campus, learn to create a schedule that balances academics and social life, and prepare for life after college. All that will come and, with it, a new level of confidence will emerge.

Undergraduate Admissions

For information on the admissions process, check out the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.