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Carolina Covenant

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Study Abroad: Exploring the world

Time studying abroad, experiencing another culture, and traveling can be one of the most influential and fun parts of college. Like all Carolina students, Covenant Scholars are encouraged to spend a semester or an academic year studying in another country.

Scholars may use their financial aid for a fall and/or spring semester of study abroad. And, since many study abroad programs cost approximately the same as a semester on-campus, financial aid can cover much or all of the cost.

Information about study abroad programs (including their costs) is available through the Study Abroad Office. Like all students at UNC, a Covenant Scholar who elects to enroll in a study abroad program that costs more than a semester on-campus can apply for a scholarship to help cover the difference. Information about scholarships for study abroad is also available on the Study Abroad Office website.

Ann Trollinger, Associate Director in the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid, works with Covenant Scholars to design a financial plan that will make their study abroad dreams a reality. “Typically the Covenant package will meet the majority of study abroad expenses. However, we help Scholars who elect a more costly program find scholarships or loans that cover the added costs,” says Trollinger.

She explains, “Because Covenant Scholars are able to graduate from Carolina without owing money, those who need extra funding for a special study abroad program often feel confident about borrowing the amount they need to cover the additional expense of the program they have chosen.”

Study abroad has the potential to make students more open and thoughtful of other cultures, and more competitive in an increasingly global and cosmopolitan world. It is an important part of Carolina’s educational experience for all students, including Carolina Covenant Scholars.

More information about financial aid for Study Abroad can be found here, or check out our Frequently Asked Questions.